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Enter the website you want to visit, select one of the web proxy servers from the list, and click the Browse Anonymously button to visit the website! You can filter web proxy that you want to navigate by country or type of proxy.
You can select free web proxies from different countries, to obtain an IP of a particular country. You will begin to surf anonymously with the selected web proxy and the destination website will interpret you're visiting it from there. In some cases you will be redirected to the proxy selected web page.

How do I know what is my current IP address?

You can know your current IP address by visiting the free online tool what is my ip from website aWebAnalysis.

What is and how works a web proxy?

A web proxy is an intermediary between a user and a destination website, and allows access to web sites through different IP addresses to its original internet connection and can use IP addresses from different countries to access content originally blocked.

How works MegaProxy?

MegaProxy is a web proxy online service that lets you surf the Internet using intermediaries from different countries like Canada, USA, Italy, France, Germany, Holland and others. The list includes SSL proxy services and is updated daily to ensure the availability of proxy available.

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How does a web proxy work?

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